Fuse5 Software-as-a-Service Cloud ERP

GTT's enterprise-wide solution Fuse5 is hosted in a private cloud environment with Rackspace, the world's leading data-center company. The cloud provides customers access to their application via internet web-browsers and makes Fuse5 accessible from tablets and mobile devices as well. Fuse5 is a subscription based service and is billed on a monthly or annual basis providing customers a significant reduction in upfront and ongoing hardware, software and related company IT costs associated with procuring, deploying and supporting on site applications.

Fuse5 is designed for SMB markets comprised primarily of members who cannot afford high-end custom solutions like SAP and yet whose demand for complexity disqualifies generic business solutions (ERPs). Within these markets, customers have been stuck on green-screen solutions designed specifically for their businesses in the late 70s and early 80s. In contrast to the database limitations of these legacy systems, the cloud Fuse5 architecture is capable of supporting every feature request from all target customers into a single best-in-class solution while simultaneously offering real-time visibility through every level of the supply chain and throughout every company branch. Manufacturers will receive real-time feedback on marketing efforts or defect tracking and corporate headquarters could track global sales real-time on their mobile.

Leveraging the same cloud stack as Google, Facebook and Salesforce.com and after 5 ½ years of development, Fuse5 is the first SaaS solution created for the selected markets and includes:

Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payables, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Pricing, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management, Human Resource Management, Retail Management, Business Analytics, Reporting, and fully integrates with accounting software such as Sage and Quickbooks. Additionally Fuse5 offers market specific features such as Shop Management, Dealer Management and Vehicle Management and supports cost-based accounting with LIFO, FIFO or Average Landed Costs. Fuse5 offers functional advantages in every component over all known competitors. Additional key differentiators include universal device accessibility, unlimited database data capability, direct online connections to e-commerce partners such as Amazon and eBay and imbedded video training tutorials.

For a complete features list check out GoFuse5.